Does this mean we are over the tipping point?

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Finally people are starting to see how our planet’s climate is changing and are starting to prepare for the inevitable. I guess that’s all we can do is adapt. Cities all over the world are discussing how to protect their citizens from extreme weather and high seas. Schools are reviewing drills not only for crazed maniacs but natural disasters. Why? Because lately, each is getting worse. When we see a true possible threat, the first thing we do is educate our children.
The majority of people have accepted the climate is changing rapidly and are starting to accept it no matter why.
Again I do most of my writing when I come off midnights, so let me tell you about what set off this muse.
The guy I shower with, (we’ll call him Buck) Buck is forced on many occasions to have deep philosophical discussions while we lather up. Today it was about Global Warming/ Climate Change.
Buck disagrees with me about why the changes are happening and only cares about today and what is happening in his own life span. I find this is common.
I think in terms of the human species and its longevity. I also think in deep time, something almost no one does. Yes I am trying to sell my book today.
One of my readers wrote me the other day saying he saw a report on artificial meat being consumed for the first time. He has read my book and said, “You must be prophetic.”
I wrote back saying I had read about this years ago when it started. Not psychic, just aware of what’s new in science news.
I am going to be posting more on this blog, and there will be news of meteorites, asteroids, impacts and comets for my Russian viewers. These will make the news every time they cause damage. It will happen again.