Does size matter, or does it antimatter?

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  Before you read this post, look at the link at the bottom of the page. The scale of the universe will open your mind to what you take for granted, or what you’ve never thought of before.
  Now remember that both ends of the scale are from theory. Physicist can predict these things with mathematics. Their work is precise, and scrutinized by their colleagues.
  In between both ends are facts proven by the Hubble telescope and other land and space based observatories, as well as the CERN supercollider and other smaller colliders, (the later deals with sub-atomic particles).
  Science has discovered so much since I was in high school. Back then there were nine planets in our solar system, now there are eight. Planets orbiting other stars number 500 and climbing. Black holes are a fact and not just theory. The atom is more than just a proton, neutron and electrons. Electrons don’t orbit the nucleus anymore, they flit in and out of existence giving the parallel universes theory its backbone.
  This is all nature. How can an observer not wonder about what we still haven’t discovered? I want them to keep looking. Don’t you? I’ll try to keep you updated. Thanks for reading.