Does anyone give a shit what it’s called, or does anyone give a shit?

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Global Warming, Climate Change, Mass Extinction: no matter the title given to the storm, the shit’s gonna hit the fan.
Some reject any and all evidence put forth by climatologist. The idea that climate change can be observed in a lifetime is unheard of in geological time scales. Anyone over thirty can see the changes. One generation observing changes in the local climate is a sure sign that a spike is occurring right now. Climate change should not happen that fast. Most changes in the past took thousands of years. What’s happening on the planet today is being expedited by our waste. The air, our fresh water, our oceans, even the land beneath our homes is contaminated by one toxin or another. Fish in the seas are eating plastic, large areas of the ocean are dead due to a lack of oxygen. Coral reefs are bleached white as the living sea creatures that built the structures have died out.
When will the human race realize our petty differences are meager to the problems we will face as a species?