Dealing with rejection…NEXT!

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  Today’s post has nothing to do with science or nature.
  This morning I received yet another rejection, or realized I misinterpreted a kind gesture; again my expectations were higher than they should have been. Either way it feels like a kick in the stones. As I sat and thought about how I felt and what I should do, it came to me. I need to write about it, while the feelings are still keeping my blood pressure above my norm.
  Writing this so quickly after swallowing a large dose of ego will settle my stomach. Maybe this is why I write.
  My wife woke up, and had to make her own coffee. I was too into my “Hobby” to make her day today.
  She needed to use the computer, but I refused to surrender. “Use your own laptop,” I yelled. Then I remembered where my bread is buttered. I may have to cut this short, my wife needs the computer.
  Although today’s eyeopener wasn’t as much a rejection, the result is: I go back to square one. But as I write, I think.
  Even though the agent I was hoping would put my book on the best seller list probably won’t, he did give me some good advice, “Build a platform”.
  I did, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Thank you to all who do. I refuse to quit. If nothing, its therapeutic.
  What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. Peace to all mankind.