Brick wall @ mach 1, no airbag.

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The main reason I developed an Alpha team was so they could read my manuscript beginning to end and tell me where the problems were. Up until the last five chapters, there were few problems. In fact I thought I had it licked, but I was wrong. Every member hated the last chapters. ‘It seemed rushed’, ‘Too much of this, not enough of that’, ‘It needs something else’. They did just what I wanted them to, but it’s a bitter pill to shove up my ass.
  Ok I get it, but now where do I go? My last chapter is very important to me and needs to be done as a prologue. Easy fix.
  Summer is a tough time to be creative. There is always something else I should be doing besides my little hobby. Guilt plays a big role in my creative block. I know I should be doing something else on nice days. The money I planned to send to my editor, publishing company and promotions is better served getting things ready for winter. Here in the northeast, one needs to plan ahead.
  I told my editor I would be sending her the finished work a month ago. My expectations for a rapid publication are dwindling. December 21st, 2012, is my self imposed deadline. Novels with a distopian theme will be worth less once the world’s population realizes the earth wasn’t destroyed.
  I see the ladies are enjoying “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Maybe I should try to write about sex.
  How about if I write one from a Man’s point of view?
  Again, more writer’s block. I think I should stick to my Sci-fi.