Blogging is a lot more exposier than a recluse wants.

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  As a writer, naturally I would rather be alone than in the spotlight; but I guess that goes along with the job. My first realization as an aggressive blogger, was that I needed to draw as many friends, relatives and strangers to my site as I could; to prove to a literary agent or publisher that I could draw a following. In doing so, I have put my passion on the line for all to see. As a writer, I open my thoughts to the public. Think about that. When was the last time you have stood in front of a crowd, and spewed your guts out?
  What is written, is set in stone, No Takebacks!
  I like to tell stories, and I use science in most of them. Future post will involve something more interesting than me campaigning for your following. Hope you enjoy. Thank you.

  PS  Follow both my blogs… PLEASE, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. does this sound like begging? Am I permitted to beg?…WELL,… I’M BEGGING …I’M NEW!

Disclaimer: “I’m not an expert, I just like science.”