Biggest honor of my writing carreer.

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A few weeks ago we attended a jamboree for one of my wife’s relatives who is battling cancer. I donated a couple books for the Chinese auction. You buy tickets and put them in for a drawing. My wife’s niece’s daughter won one of my novels. Of course I signed both of them for the winners and then we went home.
Now I have been asked by this little fourth grader to speak to her class of ten or so about the writing process. I am overwhelmed that I have touched someone like this.
Mind you, “The Second Intelligent Species: The Cyclical Earth” is not recommended reading at a fourth grade level, but this little girl reads much higher, and has the permission of her mother, I made sure of that.
When I wrote the book I knew it wasn’t for the money, almost nobody gets rich off one book. I have loved getting the fifty six reviews I have. The two from the United Kingdom feel the best, not just because they are both five out of five, but because they are from the other side of the planet and one of them is from Tiger Woods (not the golfer).
When I was asked to speak at a fourth grade class about the whole process, I was shocked. As a self proclaimed mountain man, public speaking isn’t what I had planned. When a fan ask for a favor, how can I say no? What an honor. See you on the tenth of May, Emma.