Astronomical show of a lifetime!

Dale Langlois Uncategorized

I hope for clear skies the final day of May. There may or may not be the most spectacular celestial event witnessed by our generation.

Have you seen a meteor storm? I’m not talking about the Germinids (Dec 14th), Leonids, (Nov 17th) or the Perseids (August 12th). These are all predictable showers. I have witnessed clear nights with 60 or more meteors an hour. These are only still showers.

In 1995, the comet Tau Herculids broke apart and left a large debris field of dust and possibly some larger chunks of rock. Our planet will be passing that cloud of space matter. If it fell off the comet at the right speed, we will have one hell of a show; if the speed was not fast enough, we here on Earth will see few if any remnants of the 1995 breakup. There are predictions of 1000 or more “Shooting Stars” an hour. Do you have that many wishes?

A meteor storm would be something you could tell your grandkids about. I’m going to invite mine up. Bugs be dammed, I’ll spend a few hours looking up.

Shows of a lifetime only come once in a lifetime! Let’s have a star party!