Alone in my attempt to get published

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This is my first attempt at a blog, so any suggestions are appreciated.
My goal in blogging is to hear from others who have been through what I am struggleing through now.
I have a completed novel of 63,500 words of the Hard Science Fiction genra. With no previous writing credentials, I’m finding it a long road.
When the book was concieved I held no typeing skills. A trip to the library and two days of practice solved that problem. I’m still working on speed, but the backspace key is getting less of a workout.
In an attempt to prove that I am serious, I joined a small writer’s group that met fifty miles away. I attended one meeting and never went back; these were poets. Not that there’s anthing wrong with poets, but it was obvious that I didn’t fit in. I joined another group affiliated with a local college. They hosted a writer’s workshop which I attended, and enjoyed. I took part in a publishers conference the next month, but again my genra of writing was not represented. I decided to try publishing the work on my own. The more I looked into self publishing the less I liked it. My next attempts would be with traditional methods. I have a rejection on the wall from one New York literary agency.
Next I sent a querry letter to a publisher in Seattle. He wrote back in four days and wanted to see a thousand word synopsis and my first two chapters. That was over a month ago. His website said inquires on submitted material would be followed on in thirty days or less; after which a reminder could be sent, (which I did).I’m waiting still, checking my E-mail four times a day. Does this sound familiar?