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Yesterday I worked on my Thank You page. Writing a novel is something you do by yourself, until you want to do it right. The help of others is essential if your story is to be marketable.
Of course I thought of my father Bruce, who passed nearly three years ago. I thanked him for his artistic abilities. He taught me how to create something from nothing. He was a carpenter and a master cabinet builder.
Each day I complete one more step in the publication of my novel, and in doing so, I notice the process isn’t much different than building a house.
A good foundation is a base for the house to stand on; Theme and plot are the foundation of a good read.
The walls of the house hold the roof like sub-plots hold the reader. Did you ever notice the first floor of a house is called a story? Why isn’t a two story house called a sequel?
When building anything, one step must be performed before another. It is the same for any work of art, be it painting, writing or custom cabinetry.
Soon this site will become the website for my book. You will see many changes in the near future, but I have to make them one step at a time. Thanks for teaching me Dad.