60 years old… Hum?

Dale Langlois Uncategorized

Tomorrow I reach a milestone in my personal life. Sixty orbits around our star. Like everyone one on this day in their life, I reflect. What have I done? What have I learned? What have I taught? What do I know at this stage of my life; what am I sure of?

The first step of adulthood is to raise your family best you can. Been there done that. My kids are able to take care of themselves, my job is done, (unless they need me). That’s what I’ve done, I kept a job and worked hard to achieve goals to raise my loved ones.

What have I learned? I am always learning. I always try to learn something new. I will never stop learning.

What have I taught? Everything I have learned!

What am I sure of? What do I know is truth? Family, friends and good relationships are what make life special. Laughing around a fire with friends, fishing on a pond with a buddy or a kid, sharing a night sky with someone special is what life is all about. Cherish each wet day, chilly night or foggy morning.

I know we are just cognitive animals living on a planet! That’s what I need to teach. Nothing more, nothing less.