11/11/11 …Yea…OK?

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November eleventh, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven. As a follower of science I am not too worried that today or any other predicted dooms day date can be forcast without solid proof. One might predict exactly when a comet might hit the earth,  or tell when the energy from a gamma ray burst will reach the planet, but with nothing more than an arbitrary date coinsidence; I’m not convenced enough to dig the shelter yet. 2012 doesn’t make me want to rent a backhoe yet either.
You would think somebody writing an apocolyptic novel would be more pesimistic, but I expect humans will be around a very long time, long enough to explore the cosmos. I’m not saying we wont experience some major setbacks like plagues or famine. There will always be catastrophys due to changing weather patterns. Movement of the earth’s crust due to plate tecktonics will always cause earthquakes, volcanos and tsunomies. The seas will rise, the glasiers will melt, but we will learn to adapt and deal with it. Humans will continue to die. We reside in some of the most dangerous geographic areas on the planet. Sooner or later the earth moves and people are in the way. It’s nature.
Should something big occure at one of the many predicted dates, I will be the first person to say WTF.